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Saturday Night Live: Gerard Butler

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What a weak episode. I enjoyed a total of two sketches, and I’m pretty sure that’s just because my standards are getting lower. The saddest part is it looks like Lorne Michaels has given up too. Instead of improving the writing or the talent, they are reducing the amount of time for new sketches by airing clips of people breaking during dress rehearsal. On the bright side for struggling NBC, the clips are sponsored by Bud Light Golden Wheat*, so at least they’re getting some cash.

*Public Service Announcement: I tried this new beer yesterday, and I guess I forgot just how bad macrobrews are. If you want a quality wheat beer, do yourself a favor and spend the extra two bucks on Boulevard Wheat instead. If you want to try Bud Light Golden Wheat for free and you live near Northwest Arkansas, drop me an email–I’ve got 10 bottles that I will not be drinking.

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Saturday Night Live Season 34 Episode 22: Will Ferrell

After one of the best episodes of the season last week, I can’t say I’m surprised that the season finale of Saturday Night Live was a letdown.

Having watched the full episode, I’ll have to say that Green Day was the best part, and that’s a bit sad for a comedy show.

Here were my favorites from the night:

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Neil Patrick Harris aka Dr. Horrible Hosts Saturday Night Live

Here is the full press release.

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