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Weeds Season 5 Episode 1: Wonderful, Wonderful

Weeds is back, and in many ways it’s like it never left.


This isn’t a full recap, but there are some spoilers included below.


The opener begins right where we left off last year, with Nancy sitting at Esteban’s desk waiting for his response to her pregnancy announcement. I think it’s important to note that we are continuing the story that began last year rather than starting over. I know several people who felt like season four took too long to get going, and I think this tactic will ensure that isn’t the case with season five.


The scenes with Celia being held captive by her daughter Quinn and boyfriend Rudolfo were by far the weakest of the episode. Celia makes an obvious play to turn Rudolfo against Quinn that seemed beneath the normally inventive writing for this show. At least the kidnapping gave us some hilarious dialogue as they attempted to get someone in Celia’s address book to pay ransom.


Back at the homestead, the boys all decide they’re going to go grow pot in the Cleveland National Forest outside San Diego. Nancy arrives back in time to insist that Shane go to her sister’s house instead, setting up both a great fight and an upcoming guest spot from Jennifer Jason Leigh as Nancy’s sister Jill Price-Gray.


The action is definitely in full swing already this year, and the closing of the episode underscores this for us. Nancy is enjoying a frappuccino and a flashmob (along with Tequan Richmond) at the mall when she spots Cesar watching her. I have a feeling we need to catch our breath now, because this season looks to be a fast-paced ride.


That great writing I mentioned? Here are my two favorite lines from the premiere, and no surprise they both came from Doug.

  • Doug, referring to Nancy’s pregnancy – “She’s got a muffin in the muff.”
  • Doug, in response to a ransom request for Celia – “That cunt can lick my balls…Tell her I said hi.”

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Weeds Season 5 Premiere Date Set

I can’t seem to find an official press release, but The Futon Critic hasn’t failed me yet.  According to their site Nancy, Shane, Andy, Silas, and Doug will be back with us on Showtime at at 10/9 Central on June 8, 2009.

Update: It’s official…


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