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Get ready for Lost Season 5

Once again, I’m not cool enough to get screeners before the shows air, so I’m stuck waiting for the Lost Season 5 premiere just like everyone else.  Now that I’ve re-watched some key episodes from the first four seasons this weekend, I’m fully prepared for the new season to air.  Here are the episodes I checked out to get ready for the new season:

Season 1 – Pilot (2 parts), Exodus (3 parts, season finale)

Season 2 – The Other 48 Days, What Kate Did, Lockdown, ?, Live Together Die Alone (2 parts, season finale)

Season 3 – Through the Looking Glass (2 parts, season finale)

Season 4 – The Constant, The Shape of Things to Come, There’s No Place Like Home (3 parts, season finale)

If you still need some Lost chatter to fill the hours between now and Wednesday night, here are a few good stories (with little or no spoilers) to check out.

Talking about Lost – Great commentary about living as a Lostie.

10 Questions we hope get answered in Season 5 – (only spoilers if you aren’t through season 4)

TV Squad’s Season 5 Early Look (limited spoiler info at the end of the article)

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