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The Office Season 5 Episode 4 – Baby Shower

Another Thursday night, another solid episode of The Office.

And now the spoilers…

Michael & Dwight’s watermelon baby was a classic opening sequence.  For whatever reason, Andy’s continued desperate attempts to impress Michael still make me laugh.  Maybe it’s just the idea of a grown man being that eager to have his manager’s watermelon baby.

The line of the episode came from Michael: “We gave you a beautiful golden shower! Where’s my golden shower Phyllis?”

Jan was kind enough to let us all know what none of us needed to hear–afterbirth floats.

I was also reminded that Darryl is one of my favorite people on the show, and they do not use him enough. His exchange with Michael about baby-daddys was priceless.

Finally, I think this time when Michael realized Jan is a selfish bitch, it will actually stick.  Here’s to Michael and Holly.

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