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Puke Guy is Tonight’s Tosh.0 Web Redemption

Tyrone Davies is a filmmaker whose best known work is a YouTube video (above) of him puking during a local news interview. Daniel Tosh gives him a chance to redeem himself on tonight’s new episode of Tosh.0. This reminded me of another classic vomit moment from YouTube that I’ve included below. Don’t bother watching the whole thing–the first ten seconds is all you need.


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Better YouTube Filter: Web Soup or Tosh.0?

Despite all the hours I spend on the computer each week, I do my best not to get sucked down the ultimate web time warp, YouTube.  Understand, I don’t think YouTube is stupid or pointless, I just know that intending to watch one video often ends two hours later with very little to show for it. Just pulling up a few of the clips that were mentioned this week almost led me down the rabbit hole. This has inspired my quest to find a filter to do this for me, leaving me with only the videos that are actually entertaining. Enter Web Soup and Tosh.0.

Web Soup (G4, Sundays 9/8c, premieres June 7th)  
From the creators of The Soup, this show features Chris Hardwick instead of Joel McHale, and is focused specifically on web video instead of Tyra Banks and Flavor Flav. Not surprisingly, the style of humor on the show is very similar to it’s mother-program. I’ve seen Hardwick on other shows, including a recent appearance on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, and he actually seems much less comfortable on his own show than he does as a guest on someone else’s program. Sure, it could have been pilot jitters, but that’s what the editing room is supposed to be used for. Hardwick notes on his blog that he is not trying to do a McHale impression, and I think that’s true. I take him at face value when he says he’s using the same style he’s had since his first tv gig at MTV in the 90’s. Those MTV/90’s comedy roots are evident. It seems to me that his delivery is a mix of Kurt Loder and Carson Daly, with a hint of Jerry Seinfeld. Frankly, I think loyal viewers of the original don’t need to watch Web Soup since McHale’s version already includes some pretty entertaining web video alongside the latest creepy shit Willard Scott has done. The best call was putting the show on a network other than E!, giving Web Soup a chance to capture a different demographic at G4. You can view the promo video here.

Tosh.0 (Comedy Central, Thursdays 10/9c, premiered June 4th)
Comedian Daniel Tosh is the host of this show, that seems to me like a mashup of The Daily Show and The Soup, but again rooted in web video.  Tosh’s style is a bit more unique than Hardwicke’s, although I’ll admit that could be because I had never seen him before the premiere episode aired. What I really enjoyed about Tosh.0 were the differences in delivery, even on the first episode. Instead of “clip, joke, clip, joke, repeat”, Tosh mixes in an interview with the Afro Ninja as well as his own attempt to complete some of the web’s funniest challenges. It seems the later time slot also allows Tosh to be edgier with his jokes, which appeals to me as well. The Afro Ninja spot is available on the website if you missed it. 

I’m sure it’s no surprised based on my comments that I have decided to keep Tosh.0 on my DVR playlist and drop Web Soup. Ultimately, I think each person’s choice will depend on which host appeals best to their sense of humor.

Afro Ninja

Cinnamon Challenge

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